A 2018 World AIDS Day call to action!

A World AIDS Day 2018 Message from Stephen Lewis


It’s difficult to combine outrage with hope. But let me try.

Outrage is straightforward: the ruinous malice of Trumpian financial cut-backs to global public health are causing devastation in Africa for all those requiring prevention, treatment and care in the world of HIV & AIDS.

Hope is tougher: but hope surely lies in the stunning work of community-based organizations, improving the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of grandmothers, young women, and children.

Hope also lies in the hearts of all of you who, on this World AIDS Day, stand for decency and humanity.

You know that every dollar counts. Every dollar is a blow to callous indifference. Every dollar restores hope and relegates outrage to the sidelines of history, where it belongs.   


Stephen Lewis

December 1, 2018


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