This is Not a Gift Catalogue

Every year, many of you choose to send our beautiful holiday tribute cards in lieu of a gift. To all of you, we extend our most sincere thanks for your loyal support. Also every year, many of you ask us why we don’t have a gift catalogue as well. The answer to that question reveals the essence of the programming developed by our partner organizations across sub-Saharan Africa... 

Regina Mokgokong (pictured above) is someone whose work illustrates beautifully the way that holistic funding enables the development of holistic programmes. She is the Executive Director and Founder of Tateni Community Care Services, a tenacious organization operating on the outskirts of Johannesburg in South Africa. Regina is also a grandmother and knows intimately what it takes to rebuild and reclaim the young lives of children who have been orphaned by AIDS.

Amongst other things, Tateni offers a robust afterschool programme for vulnerable children and teens that provides education support, counselling, and outings. Computer training is provided and there is always a need for more computers — something you could put into a gift catalogue. And of course a computer lab is important, but Regina knows that it’s equally important to take care of the small details alongside the big. That’s why Tateni’s budget also includes: needles, thread, shoe polish. Regina explains:

“New uniforms are out of reach for most of these children, who are constantly battling the stigma of not having parents and never having enough. You should see the difference in the way a child walks when his battered shoes are polished or when she has all the buttons on her blouse: upright, open eyes, confident. Now you can put these children in front of a computer because now they believe they are equal, so now they believe they can learn.”

—Regina Mokgokong, Tateni Community Care Services


Meeting Communities' True Needs... 

Regina’s explanation speaks to the insight of our partner organizations. Turning the tide of HIV and AIDS requires a response that is multifaceted, yet tailored to the exact challenges of each community. No gift catalogue can capture that.

For over 10 years, the Stephen Lewis Foundation has provided funding that is as flexible as the organizations with which we work. We have heard over and over again, that this kind of partnership which allows them to determine their own priorities is the reason they are able to develop innovative and model programming.

When you send one of our holiday tribute cards, you are sending a clear message that you believe this principle of funding works, but more importantly, that you believe in our partners as much as we do.

Happy Holidays,
The Stephen Lewis Foundation

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Banner image: One of the images featured on the Foundation's 2016 Holiday Tribute eCards, taken at the Angelina Tembo Girls School in Zambia. | Credit: Alexis MacDonald/SLF


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