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Thanks to TD Aeroplan cardholders!

The Stephen Lewis Foundation would like to thank TD, Aeroplan and TD Aeroplan Visa cardholders who used their card in the GTA during PRIDE Toronto 2015! Because of you, we are delighted to have received a remarkable 7 million Aeroplan Miles!

Together with Egale Canada and Rainbow Railroad, the Foundation was a beneficiary of one donated Aeroplan Mile for every dollar spent on a TD Aeroplan Credit Card in Toronto during Pride Week in June, 2015. Thank you to all those who participated in this incredible initiative! These Aeroplan Miles are a precious resource as we continue to support community-based organizations turning the tide of HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Supporting Leading AIDS Activists

Thanks to this vital and timely support, the Foundation is able to launch a year of collaboration with leading human rights AIDS activists from African countries most affected by HIV and AIDS. As the world prepares for the next International AIDS Conference in South Africa, the coming months are pivotal in the global response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Beginning with visits to Canada in conjunction with World AIDS Day (Dec 1st, 2015), the Foundation will host South African activist Vuyiseka Dubula from the Treatment Action Campaign and Kenyan AIDS activist Dorothy Onyango from Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya. Over the course of the coming year, the Foundation will invite additional African activists to speak, network, and strategize with international audiences – to challenge the declining resources for marginalized communities, and advocate to make the promise of treatment and support real for the communities they serve.

The Foundation's collaboration with these activists is premised on the grim recognition that progress for some has not been progress for all. With more life-saving medication now available, we’ve seen a global reduction in the rates of infection and death. But far too many people and communities around the world are being left behind – disregarded and marginalized by the mainstream response. Infection rates are not falling for children and young women in sub-Saharan Africa, for men who have sex with men, for sex workers, or for injection drug users. Indeed, prospects for these communities remain so dire that international experts are warning the whole course of the epidemic could soon start turning backwards. Facilitated by the generous contributions of TD Bank and Aeroplan, the Stephen Lewis Foundation's collaboration with African AIDS activists will help ensure respect for the human rights of all people infected with and affected by AIDS. 

Our Commitment to Human Rights

Since its formation, the Foundation has had a deep commitment to the human rights of women, children, people living with HIV and AIDS, and the LGBT community. Above all, we believe deeply in the power of community and grassroots responses, and in supporting communities at the frontlines of the AIDS crisis. Just as HIV and AIDS was a pivotal crisis for the LGBT community, it is wreaking the same havoc in the lives of millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa. Just as the LGBT community has had to struggle for access to life-saving and prolonging ARVs, so African communities are engaged in the same life and death struggle. Our supporters are attuned to this struggle, aware of the human rights dimensions of the scourge of AIDS, and understand the power of compassion, alliance, and mobilization for a common cause.

As a member of the LGBT giving network, the new InterPride Fund, and a stalwart supporter of LGBT rights, the Stephen Lewis Foundation is honoured to have been part of this PRIDE initiative with our long-standing partner Aeroplan and our new partner TD Bank. 

If you have any questions, please be in touch:

Alexis MacDonald
Director of External Relations
416-533-9292, ext 300


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