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Support LGBTIQ community organizations working for justice and equality

Leaders of LGBTIQ organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo work and live in environments characterized by violent homophobia, legally entrenched discrimination, and political and social persecution. These human rights defenders put their safety on the line every day to lead organizations that stand up for the human rights and health of LGBTIQ communities. Far too often, they are doing it alone.

You can be a part of changing that. Help us get LGBTIQ organizations the funds they need.

The SLF’s Partners in Pride campaign supports these organizations, which are lifelines for their communities. They provide vital services, including health care, mental health supports, social supports, and legal counsel.

Jeffrey Walimbwa Wambaya is a program manager at SLF partner organization Ishtar MSM, a space dedicated to advancing the rights of men who have sex with men (MSM). Jeffrey and his colleagues work every day to create the safe space and resources needed for LGBTIQ communities to thrive. Jeffrey has many dreams for a society that “accepts gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men for who they are, and gives them an opportunity to exist without fear,” and Ishtar’s work is part of that vision.

Learn more about Ishtar MSM and our 15 LGBTIQ grassroots partners in our Partners in Pride Impact Report 2022.

Pride Talks Highlights

SLF Pride Talks feature timely and important discussions with LGBTIQ human rights defenders and community leaders. Watch highlights of our spring 2022 SLF Pride Talks to hear from three of our partners about how they navigate their own well-being while supporting others.

“Well-being is a feminist and political act and as such, we have started giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves, take a moment to break, relax, and rejuvenate as a way to mitigate stress, anxiety, and burnout that comes from our work.”

Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG)

Freedom and Roam Uganda continues its vital work, including peer support, community outreach and advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo provided by FARUG.
People gathering at Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko’s LGBTI friendship centre
A safe space to gather and connect, Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko’s LGBTI friendship centre in Democratic Republic of the Congo provides access to stigma-free health care, including voluntary HIV testing, prevention, and treatment. Photo provided by RSM.
Sexual Minorities Uganda-Quchu Leadership Academy
Mentoring up-and-coming LGBTIQ community leaders through workshops, training, and debates, Sexual Minorities Uganda’s Quchu Leadership Academy empowers human-rights defenders to grow the LGBTIQ movement. Photo provided by SMUG.
FARUG member holding sign that reads,
Advocacy, outreach and community engagement are central to defending LGBTIQ human rights. Photo provided by FARUG.
HAPA-Kenya Drop-In Centre
Stigma-free care at HIV & AIDS People’s Alliance of Kenya provides a step toward health equity for LGBTIQ communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, HAPA-Kenya adapted services to enhance food security, improve access to HIV medication, and respond to increased incidents of violence against community members. Photo provided by HAPA-Kenya.

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Last year, the LGBTIQ Africa Initiative supported 15 organizations in 5 countries.

Since 2003, we’ve raised $183 million in support of community-led organizations across 15 African countries. You too can help fundraise and make a difference!

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