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Champion health and human rights with LGBTIQ communities in sub‑Saharan Africa.

Leaders of LGBTIQ organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo work and live in environments characterized by violent homophobia, legally entrenched discrimination, and political and social persecution. These human rights defenders put their safety on the line every day to lead organizations that stand up for the human rights and health of LGBTIQ communities. Far too often, they are doing it alone.

You can be a part of changing that. Help us get LGBTIQ organizations the funds they need.

Support LGBTIQ community organizations working for justice and equality.

LGBTIQ organizations are lifelines for the communities they serve. These organizations build hope and solidarity among LGBTIQ individuals while providing health care, legal services, mental health programming, and social support.

They champion human rights; ensure access to inclusive HIV services; and fight for a safer, freer, and more equal future for LGBTIQ communities.

By becoming a Partner in Pride, you will play a critical role in increasing the strength, sustainability, and reach of these vital organizations.

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Photo Credit: Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko (RSM)

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

peer support, community outreach and advocacy
Freedom and Roam Uganda continues its vital work, including peer support, community outreach and advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo provided by FARUG.
People gathering at Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko’s LGBTI friendship centre
A safe space to gather and connect, Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko’s LGBTI friendship centre in Democratic Republic of the Congo provides access to stigma-free health care, including voluntary HIV testing, prevention, and treatment. Photo provided by RSM.
Sexual Minorities Uganda-Quchu Leadership Academy
Mentoring up-and-coming LGBTIQ community leaders through workshops, training, and debates, Sexual Minorities Uganda’s Quchu Leadership Academy empowers human-rights defenders to grow the LGBTIQ movement. Photo provided by SMUG.
FARUG member holding sign that reads,
Advocacy, outreach and community engagement are central to defending LGBTIQ human rights. Photo provided by FARUG.
HAPA-Kenya Drop-In Centre
Stigma-free care at HIV & AIDS People’s Alliance of Kenya provides a step toward health equity for LGBTIQ communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, HAPA-Kenya has adapted services to enhance food security, improve access to HIV medication, and respond to increased incidents of violence against community members. Photo provided by HAPA-Kenya.

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Meet Pepe Julian Onziema

Pepe Julian Onziema, Ugandan LGBTIQ human rights defender and Program Director, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) speaks about the power of solidarity in the face of violence, discrimination and stigma.

“What keeps the community together is love and love is empowering. Love is something that no homophobe, no transphobe, no hate group can take away from us. And love is power. Love is the power that is keeping us going.”

– Pepe Julian Onziema

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