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We’re proud to be a charitable partner of the Aeroplan Member Donation Program since 2006.

Your donated Aeroplan Points support important work in 14 African countries. Your Points amplify the voices and expertise of African grandmothers and grassroots leaders, so they can be present, heard and counted where decisions are being made. Points also make it possible for community experts to network, exchange critical information, and share successful strategies.

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Jessica Ellis, a Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) program manager, and Daisy Kwala from SLF partner Bar Hostess Empowerment Support Programme (BHESP) in Kenya together at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal, Canada. (Photo: Jennifer Fowler/SLF)
Meg French, SLF Executive Director, and Megan Karges, Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign Officer, joining the Greater Van Gogos’ Solidarity Cycle group in British Columbia, 2022. (Photo: Paula Simson)
Ssenfuka Joanita Warry, also known as “Biggie,” is a passionate changemaker, human rights defender, and activist known for her work with LGBTIQ communities in Uganda, where she is the executive director of Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG). As a participant in the SLF’s Right to Health and Healing program, FARUG receives support from Act Together for Inclusion Fund (ACTIF) — funded by Global Affairs Canada and managed by Equitas in partnership with Dignity Network Canada — and is committed to enhancing mental health and wellness among LGBTIQ human rights defenders and communities. (Photo Credit: Andrea Deng)
Aeroplan points bring our Stephen Lewis Foundation staff together with our partners, for valuable opportunities to listen and learn from community-leaders like Luswata Brant, Executive Director of Icebreakers Uganda, pictured here in the SLF’s Toronto office.