SLF Impact

The SLF’s work is grounded in our firm belief that the expertise needed to end the HIV epidemic is found at the community level, but sufficient funding for community-led organizations is not. Since the SLF was established in 2003, we have channelled resources directly, reliably, and accountably to our partners. Through their work, they are cutting the HIV epidemic off at its roots in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our SLF partners have taught us that to measure the full impact of responses to HIV and AIDS, we need to understand what success looks like over the long term, for individuals, families, and communities. While lasting change is better understood through the testimonies and experiences of communities, it is clear that our grassroots partners’ reach is tangibly changing the lives of individuals affected by HIV and AIDS.

Here are a few ways SLF partners helped foster resilience in their communities in 2021:


grandmothers participated in support groups and
income generation


homes rebuilt or improved, including 100+ grandmother-headed households


children and young people were reached through peer support groups by 57 SLF partners


people received HIV counselling and testing


adherence to HIV medication reported by SLF partners while mitigating the impact of COVID-19


women and children supported by 19 SLF partners to escape violence and access shelter


clients reached through home-based care visits


people reached by 15 LGBTIQ organizations with vital care and support

“It’s so amazing, because the big organizations cannot reach the local level, but we are here and we are with the community. We are hands on. Even during lockdown, we can carry on supporting the community. Thank you for understanding us. Without your method of support, this community would be suffering a lot.”

— Sthembile Ndlovu, Director at Izimbali Zesizwe, an SLF partner in South Africa

Advocacy and solidarity in action

In addition to working with community-led organizations in sub-Saharan Africa, year after year, we continue to create meaningful opportunities for our SLF community – our partners and supporters – to gather, connect, learn and advocate. Building capacity and global solidarity is key to our collective efforts to end the AIDS pandemic.

International AIDS Conferences

where SLF partners were present, heard
and counted

International Roundtables

bringing community-based organizations together to network, share strategies and build capacity in areas of work including, home-based care, youth, LGBTIQ health and human rights, and ending violence against women and girls

Ask Her Talks speaker series

for leaders, advocates and activists to share their expertise internationally

SLF Pride Talks online events

for SLF partners to raise international awareness of their work to defend health and human rights for LGBTIQ communities in five central and east African countries

African Institute for Integrated Responses to Violence Against Women and HIV and AIDS

Supported the creation of this network of
African-based, women-centred, feminist technical support on the issues of violence against women, HIV and AIDS and mental and emotional health and well-being

International grandmothers solidarity movement

In 2006, the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign was launched in response to the crisis faced by African grandmothers as they raised a generation orphaned by AIDS. Since then, an international grandmothers movement has gained momentum, powered by leadership, resilience and solidarity.

Grandmothers Gatherings

in Canada, Eswatini, Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania

Grandmothers Consortiums

established in Uganda and South Africa

Growing grandmothers movement in Tanzania

Groundbreaking African Grandmothers Tribunal

View the film

Geneva Forum for Health Award

presented to the Grandmothers Campaign in 2018 for “proven, disruptive innovations that have the potential to become global best practice.”

Active groups

in the Grandmothers Campaign in Canada, USA, UK and Australia

Grandmothers Campaign members

raising funds and awareness while working in solidarity not charity

Special Reports

For more in-depth insight and impact highlights, please read our Year in Review reports, Special Reports on specific areas of work, and partner features in other SLF Publications.

Year in Review

PEFO’s founder on partnership with the SLF

Justine Ojambo, founder and executive director of Phoebe Education Fund for AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEFO), in Uganda, talks about PEFO’s advocacy around housing for grandmothers and the impact of the SLF’s partnership model for the organization’s work.