Trans-Inclusive Feminism Statement

May 2021

At the Stephen Lewis Foundation, we strongly believe in defending the rights of trans individuals.  As a feminist organization, we affirm our unconditional support for trans rights and trans liberation.

We believe that, in order to advance all women’s equity, we must ensure that the needs, expertise and rights of trans women, and all trans, non-binary and gender diverse communities are reflected in our policies, programs and advocacy efforts.

Our partnerships with LGBTIQ organizations in sub-Saharan Africa that are led by and defend the rights of trans people reflect our commitment to these values. They promote advocacy, livelihoods, peer support, health and human rights in trans communities including the sex worker community.

We also know there is work to do to.  Trans people continue to be underrepresented in workplaces, in feminist leadership positions, and within boards of directors, including our own.

Trans people are a driving force in our feminist movements and belong in all facets of our society.  

As such, the Stephen Lewis Foundation joins other trans-inclusive organizations as a signatory to Wisdom2Action’s statement denouncing trans-exclusionary feminism.