Our Strategic Plan 2021-2024

As the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates global disparities, we have the opportunity to create a more equitable and just future—one in which we work collaboratively with our donors and partners to dismantle structural inequalities in public health and philanthropy and cut AIDS off at its roots.

HIV and AIDS are driven by systems that do not support human rights to HIV prevention and treatment, income and food security, education, sexual and reproductive health, and freedom from stigma and discrimination. As a result, in sub-Saharan Africa women and girls, LGBTIQ communities, grandmothers, and people living with HIV are disproportionately challenged by the ongoing AIDS pandemic.

Our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan reflects the SLF’s commitment to increase our support for community-led partners who are best positioned to address the impacts of HIV and AIDS. Their knowledge and experience must be shared and supported if we are to put an end to the inequities that are driving the AIDS pandemic.

Our Four Strategic Directions

Strengthening and expanding our relationships with community-led organizations

We advance progressive relationships with community-led organizations in sub-Saharan Africa through mutual learning, meaningful engagement, open communication, and an increase in flexible resources to support growth.

Cultivating a thriving and engaged supporter base

We invest in and invite supporters to bolster the important work of the SLF and our partners, through sharing the achievements that their donations support.

Championing the power of progressive partnerships with community-led organizations

We advocate for systemic change in philanthropic and international development sectors through an intersectional feminist, anticolonial, anti-racist, rights-based approach.

Nurturing a thoughtful, feminist organizational culture

We consistently co-create a resilient organizational culture among staff, board members, volunteers and consultants, equally empowering all to flourish in their role.

The role of the SLF is to keep the HIV prevention and care agenda alive. The world has swiftly moved on from HIV. Our people are still in dire need. The SLF is keeping hope alive in the communities most affected.

– SLF strategic plan survey respondent