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Give a Day

What is Give a Day?

Give a Day is a grassroots response to the HIV & AIDS pandemic in Africa. It challenges each Canadian to recognize World AIDS Day (December 1) by giving one day’s pay to an organization that will use the money well in the fight against HIV. Give a Day runs workplace and community campaigns in Canada encouraging donations to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The money donated from Canadian communities goes to communities in Africa where the resources enable effective, local solutions.

How do I get involved?

You can participate in Give a Day by giving an individual donation, or you can join with your friends, family and co-workers and start your own Give a Day campaign. The Give a Day website provides ideas and tips on how to start a workplace campaign and features resources such as downloadable posters. Please visit for more information.

How do I donate?

Click here to make your online donation to Give a Day.

You can also donate by mailing a cheque or money order made payable to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to the address below. Please ensure that your name, address and phone number are included with your donation so that we can send you a tax receipt. Or you can complete this donation form to send in with your gift. If you’re participating in a workplace giving campaign, please be sure to include the name of your group with your donation.

260 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto ON M5T 2E4 Canada

To donate by phone using your credit card, please call the number below and be sure to let us know that your donation is for Give a Day:

416-533-9292 ext.0
1-888-203-9990 ext.0

How do I calculate one day’s pay?

To calculate a day’s pay, divide your annual pay (pre-tax or after tax – it’s up to you) by 235 – the number of working days in a year. Although the campaign suggests giving a day’s pay, it is up to you to give what you are able: a half-day, a few hours, a week’s pay. Whatever you are able to give – it will make a difference.

I believe Canadians are inclined to be compassionate, generous and fair. Give a Day is our way of sharing beyond our borders so that everyone has the opportunity to live with health and dignity.

— Dr. Jane Philpott, Founder, Give a Day to World AIDS


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