Explore how the Stephen Lewis Foundation champions health and human rights with community‑led partners by reading our stories.

A group of people - photo provided by Adeso

Reflections on Trust, Risk, and Due Diligence

In international development and philanthropy, there’s increasing consensus that to build a more just and equal world we must shift power and resources into the hands of community-led organizations. Read and watch highlights of an international panel of leaders as they discuss their experiences.

From Echo Chamber to Action: A plea to harness
the power of community to get the HIV response back on track

We can radically transform the HIV response by being the change we wish to see in the world.

The SLF and our partners at AIDS 2022 in Montreal

Many SLF partners, community leaders who provide essential health care, advocacy, and support, were in Montreal, sharing their expertise with the global audience at the 24th International AIDS Conference. Here are highlights!

Toronto comes alive with Pride!

After two years of lockdowns, the streets of Toronto came alive again with Pride, and the SLF's Partners in Pride campaign was there! We were thrilled to raise the visibility of our LGBTIQ partner organizations and meet supporters in person.

The Right to Health and Healing for LGBTIQ activists in Kenya and Uganda

Support for mental health and well-being for frontline LGBTIQ activists in Kenya and Uganda is imperative. Hear from three activists about how their organizations are saving lives and preventing burn out.